Eco Council / Cyngor Eco

The Eco Council comprises of pupils from year 3 to 6 which are elected for at the beginning of each school year by their peers. We meet regularly to discuss and carry out events throughout the year. We were awarded our Platinum status last year. We have recently had solar panels installed and will be analysing the data for our next project.


Eco Council Members 2023-2024 / Aelodau'r Cyngor Eco 2023-2024


 Comins Coch - Eco


Capten Comins


 Bring Your Bike to School!


Adam Yn Yr Ardd 




As an Eco-Council we are pleased to announce that we have now been awarded an Eco-Schools Platinum+ award for the third year running.  This is the highest award given for recognition of our efforts to help the environment and carry out our daily school activities in as an environmentally friendly was as possible.

Rydym yn falch i gyhoeddi ein bod fel ysgol wedi cael ein gwobrwyo gyda Gwobr Platinwm+,  Eco-Sgolion. 


We have also recently put up our school Christmas tree.  Each class has contributed to decorating the tree by creating decorations made from recycled materials.

Rydym hefyd wedi addurno ein coeden Nadolig yn ddiweddar gan ddefnyddio deunyddiau sydd wedi eu hailgylchu. 




The Eco Council along with fellow pupils are very grateful to the PTA and Tesco's for helping the school create new raised beds.  The council are pleased to hear that each class has already started making good use of the area by planting some 'Christmas potatoes'.  Gwych plantos!  Well done all!