Thank you for taking the time to complete our questionnaire.  We very much appreciate receiving your views and feedback.


Your responses were very positive and we are pleased to report that:

·      100% said that their child likes the school.

·      100% believe that their child is making good progress at school.

·      99% believe that pupils behave well in school.

·      100% believe that the quality of teaching is good.

·      100% believe that staff expect their child to work hard & to do their best.

·      100% believe that their child has good learning experiences.

·      96% agreed that the school seeks the views of parent and considers the feedback     provided.

·      93% believe that if problems or issues are shared with the school, it responds and deals   with them appropriately.

·      100% believe the school is well run and managed.

·      100% agreed that their child could access work, either online or by receiving paper   copies in the post.


As a result of your feedback, the following areas have been discussed and implemented or improved:

·      School website/sharing information – Information is often shared on our school twitter  feed.  Even if you don’t have a twitter account, you can access the school twitter feed from our website’s home page.  Each class also has their own class page which is updated with class photos.

·      Pupil workshops – Pupils were also asked to complete questionnaires and each class has had the opportunity to discuss the results of their questionnaires, share ideas and discuss ways forward.

·      Every playtime is followed by circle time on the yard.  Pupils are given the opportunity to share any concerns so staff can deal with issues promptly.  All KS2 pupils participate in the Kiva anti-bullying program. 

·      Staff are preparing for the introduction of the new curriculum (The Curriculum for Wales) - this will involve greater opportunities for working in the local area, outdoor learning and more creative/practical activities.  All parents are invited to a presentation about the changes taking place.

·      We would like to thank parents for your understanding with all the restrictions that have been put in place during this period.  When permitted, we look forward to organising trips and visits for pupils and opportunities to invite parents into school.

·      School dinners – The menu for the week will be available on our school webpage.