Curriculum Vision and Values for Ysgol Comins Coch

We aim to ignite in our students a love of learning which will serve them well throughout their lives.

 Our vision is for all learners to make progress appropriate to their ability in every lesson, demonstrate mutual respect and positive behaviour for learning.   We are an inclusive learning community where ambition, belief, determination and resilience underpin the shared common purpose of preparing our learners for a successful future.  The Wellbeing of our pupils is at the heart of our curriculum and our curriculum vision is rooted in Welsh values and culture. It has the development of literacy, numeracy and digital competency at its core, alongside developing the attributes for children to be good learners, as these are the essential life skills for every child to be able to access future learning. We tailor learning to provide children with opportunities to develop skills and explore concepts. These will allow them to build their knowledge and understanding through topics that will capture their interest and stimulate their imagination; developing ownership and decision making equipping all young people with the knowledge, skills and dispositions for future challenges as lifelong learners.  We value our relationship with our parents, Governors and the wider school community who work alongside us to ensure the pupils are fully supported with their academic progress and wellbeing.

 Comins Coch Primary School is a values-based school because we believe in developing a set of skills and attitudes that prepare our children for the modern-day world.  These skills include:


Responsibility       Respect            


Kindness            Honesty            Creativity